Sangens W30G Electric Steam Bath Heater: Buy Sangens electric heater in Russia
Unconditional warranty up to 5 years

Sangens W30G Steam Bath and Sauna Electric Heater

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    Experience the microclimate of a real Russian bath and sauna without any firewood, chimney, and stove corner. The steam bath and sauna electric heater has two heating sources: a convector that heats the air, and a closed heater. Now you will enjoy the stable temperature and light vapor in a single mode. Make steam bathing affordable, safe, and healthy—together with the Sangens Series W.

      Manage the heater using the control unit available via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, or in the Sangens App. Choose from three temperatures and humidity modes for your steam room: Russian hard bath, Russian soft bath, Finnish sauna.

      We provide an unconditional warranty on the heater operation of up to 5 years. Sangens Service&Care will provide detailed advice on how to install, set up, operate and maintain the heater in a format, which is most convenient for you.

      Control Unit
      Control the heater using the Sangens Block
      Mobile application
      Remote control everything in the Sangens App
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