Sangens Block W6-9 Control Unit: Buy Sangens electric heater in Russia
Unconditional 1-year warranty

Sangens Block W6-9 Steam Bath and Sauna Control Unit

Characteristics Opportunities
  • up to 18

    Recommended steam room volume

    steam room volume
  • 6-9 kW

    Rated power

  • up to 5 years

    Five-year unconditional warranty and care for every customer

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The Sangens Block Control Unit has a metal dust- and moisture-protected housing. The operating temperature range is from +1°C to +40°C; operating humidity is up to 80% (at +25°C). The control unit housing can be surface-mounted or wall-mounted.

  • Long uninterrupted operation

    long operation

The control unit makes it possible to remotely control the heater and the microclimate in the steam room via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth using the Sangens App.

Adjust the device operating modes, air temperature and humidity to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing steam bathing experience.

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Remote control everything in the Sangens App
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