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Series W Disrupts the future

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Series L Perfection is affordable

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Spa System A new era of no-limit steam rooms

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A completely different
feeling in the steam room

Steam bathing with Sangens heaters delivers the feeling of peace, tranquility, and harmony.
You get filled up with energy, enhance your health, and experience a new way of being.
Create an atmosphere of love and care for the important people in your space with Sangens.

3D model control mode

A perfect steam room microclimate, easy mode change while preserving the stable light vapor

  • for any volume and interior design
  • full automation control
  • located outside the steam room

Cost-efficient modular structure
for steam rooms of any volume

The Sangens Spa System will be great for a room of any space thanks to its
modular structure. You can install the system in a commercial or public steam room
of any volume.

3D model control mode

Care service Online support

Service points Offline support

New opportunities for you

Safe use
Premium-grade quality
and design
1.5-2 times more cost-efficient
than the analogues
Fast mounting
and installation
Emotions and unforgettable
power units instead of tubular heating elements
Easy controls
and maintenance
Any steam room

Private steam room

Commercial steam bath

Public steam bath

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